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One of the major goals of the first year program is to help students to create a professional web presence. On your first day of class, you will create a web space for yourself and link to it here. You will post all of your work to your web space. By the end of the program, you will have a digital porfolio of your accomplishments that can be appreciated by colleagues too.

Please type your name below and hyperlink it to your webspace.


Michelle Schira Hagerman

Sara Beauchamp-Hicks

MAET Rouen Year 1 Colleagues

AH Inquiry Project TPACK Vodcast Prezi Wicked Problem Idea Web Multigenre Personal Learning Plan This, I Believe

NM Cultural Connections Tpack Vodcast Sample PD VoiceThread This I Believe Multigenre Project Personal Learning Plan Idea Web

BZ: Content Connections (TPACK Video)=TPACK Sprach Zarathustra Idea Web Assignment Personal Learning Plan MultiGenre Project Wicked Problem

DSTPACK Three words DS Tech Plan


SDTPACK Video Inquiry Project PD Idea Wicked Problem Powerpoint and Script Multi - Genre Project Idea Web Learning Plan This I Believe

East Lansing Colleagues

East Lansing Year 1 Wiki -- Content Connections Project
East Lansing WordPress Site

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