Here is a central repository of all the cool tools that we have learned about in class this year.

Week 1

Day 1: June 27th.

Day 2: June 28th.

Day 4: June 30th.

Day 5: July 1st

Week 2

Day 6: July 4th:
  • VoiceThread(from Meagan: allows you to upload video or pictures then add audio, comments, drawings during or after the presentation...all students can make comments (written or oral) on a presentation)
  • TED (Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.)
  • Google Reader [link above your Gmail account.] (For following RSS news feeds in a single place)
Day 7: July 5th


Day 8: July 6th

Day 9: July 7th

July 11

July 13

July 18
Google ngram
Flashcard Touch

July 20
Google Forms (Create New Form -- Also remember Templates)
For categorical data, use Pivot Tables to create Frequency Table and then generate graphs
Links to How To use Pivot Tables (in case you forget!)
Google Operating System Post
Google Docs Blog

Also SurveyMonkey.Com

EduTopia Summer Professional Development Blog Series with LOADS of great links to tools (many of which we have explored...some of which we have not!)

Hi guys, the attached link is from a teacher here who attended a workshop at JIS this summer. Some of these tools we used, others not.