If you're pursuing a Master's in Educational Technology, then you absolutely MUST see these videos!
We've posted them here so that you can view them at your leisure. We hope to watch some of these together during our class meetings...but if not, they're here for you to watch when the time permits.
Please feel free to add more!!!

Linda Darling-Hammond on the importance of social and emotional development in schooling and project-based learning as a framework for scaffolding social development in authentic learning contexts.

Sir Ken Robinson's famous TED talk. You'll want to watch it again and again.

And Sir Ken again...with RSA Animate

Karl Fisch's Did You Know? Shift Happens Series...starting with the original...Check out his Blog and View his presentations (There are YouTube versions available, but we wanted to direct you to the author.)

The Machine is Us/ing Us

TPACK Videos
Starring our friend and EPET colleague, Mete Akcaoglu.

Thinking Creatively: Teachers as Designers of Content, Technology and Pedagogy -- Keynote by Punya Mishra and Matt Koehler at SITE 2008
Part I (9:29)

Part II (9:29)

Part III (9:37)

Part IV (9:11)

Part V (5:55)

Daniel Pink: A Whole New Mind
This is just an exerpt, and if you search YouTube you will find more and if you search in Google Books, you can get a preview.

Alvin and Heidi Toffler

Common Craft: Project Based Learning